School of Public Health

Working with Community Action Agencies

Working with community action agencies (CAAs) — what are, what they offer, and how to engage them. Presenter/Speaker: Cynthia Bryant, DFCS Office of Family...

6/6 9:30am
Virtual Event
Overview of Life Skills Training for Teens

Overview of Life Skills Training for Teens Focused on topics like financial literacy, time management, and interview prep. Presenter/Speaker: Christene...

6/13 1pm
Virtual Event
Building Social Connections with Families

This Strengthening Families Georgia workshop will provide family serving programs with practical everyday ideas based on sound research to strengthen...

6/15 10am
Virtual Event
Youth Violence Prevention

Explore connections between child abuse and neglect and youth violence, and the importance of youth-development professionals to youth-violence...

6/20 9:30am
Virtual Event
Relationship Health: A Tool Against Early Adversity

Approaches to promoting relational health in discussions with parents/caregivers, understanding intergenerational trauma, and the importance of positive...

6/30 9:30am
Virtual Event
Mandated Reporter Training

Child serving professionals and volunteers may suspect child abuse or have a child disclose abuse to them through their work with children. However, barriers...

7/18 10am
Virtual Event
Growing Social & Emotional Competence in Children

Based on the Strengthening Families™ Initiative, this training focuses on how to promote social and emotional competence in children through meaningful...

8/9 10am
Virtual Event
Knowledge of Child Development

This Strengthening Families workshop for professionals will explore ways help parents build their parenting skills and better understand children and their...

10/12 10am
Virtual Event
Concrete Support in Times of Need for Families

This Strengthening Families Georgia workshop explores barriers to meeting the basic needs of families, assessing crisis situations, and linking families to...

12/7 10am
Virtual Event