Workshop 1: Teaching Critical Thinking and Persuasion in the Core Curriculum

This first workshop in the pedagogy series will focus our Core IMPACTS pedagogy conversations around the following two career-ready competencies: "Critical Thinking" and "Persuasion." Critical thinking is an identified CRC for courses in the Institutional Priority, Citizenship, and Writing areas of Core IMPACTS; Persuasion is an identified CRC for courses in the Citizenship, Writing, and Social Sciences areas. We especially invite instructors teaching in these areas of the core to join us, though we welcome all instructors teaching at any level who would like to discuss teaching these CRCs in their courses.

This workshop is part of the Core IMPACTS Pedagogy Series intended to bring instructors who teach courses in the core curriculum together to talk about how to effectively teach requirements for the newly approved Core IMPACTS. Core IMPACTS is designed to ensure that students acquire essential knowledge in foundational academic areas and develop career-ready competencies (CRCs). Instructors teaching in the core during Spring 2024 have included new required syllabus templates for their core area and are teaching the orienting questions, learning outcomes, and CRCs in their area. We invite instructors who are currently or will in the future teach courses in one of the seven Core IMPACTS areas to join us for cross-disciplinary conversations around CRCs that cut across various Core IMPACTS areas. Participants will be prompted to consider pedagogical strategies and assessment related to Core IMPACTS requirements.

This workshop is open to all GSU instructors and graduate teaching assistant instructors.

Registration is required. URL with streaming info will be included in your registration confirmation.

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