Python is an amazing scripting language with an easy-to-understand syntax that is heavily used by programmers in fields ranging from web development to data science. It is a great first language for people who want to get into programming because of its English-like syntax and forgiving nature. Part 2 will go over the basics of object-oriented programming. Classes and methods will be discussed and then before functions, we will implement switch cases in Python.

Workshop Topics

  • Understanding how to use switch cases in Python
  • Understanding the basics of object-oriented programming
  • Understanding and using classes and functions

PrerequisitesPython 1: Getting Started

Workshop Set-up Notes: As this is an online workshop, we recommend that if you are planning on working along with the trainer that you set up you computer before hand to code in Python. You can find more information on setting up your machine for coding in Python at this page.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please look through the FAQ for notes on joining our online workshop sessions.

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