Prospectus Presentation-Joanna Menendez

"Examining experiences of cyberbullying and corresponding psychologic distress in women of color."

by" Joanna Menendez

In the past two decades, the Internet has provided a public space where individuals could interact socially or romantically, engage with politics, and work remotely. However, due to the open and often anonymous platform for free speech, some online communities have been shown to perpetuate the prejudices and discrimination of the offline world. Online discrimination towards women has reached an epidemic level (Fox, Cruz, & Young Lee, 2015) such that any woman active on line runs the risk of attracting on line users who would engage them in threatening or demeaning ways. As such, it is important that researchers are able to assess and understand these experiences and the possible effect on their social and emotional well-being. A number of measures have already been developed in a relatively short time. In order to understand the relative strength of these measures and assess for any gaps, in Chapter 1, I conducted a systematic review to provide an overview of the current instruments designed to assess cybervictimization. For each measure that met the criteria, I describe the scale structure, development of items, evidence of reliability, and evidence of construct validity. I also described and compared various content areas covered by each measure, and conclude by making recommendations for advancing research on cybervictimization. One primary recommendation is that prior measures, although 44, do not directly assess cyberbullying in women of color. Then in Chapter 2, I will examine the link between cyberbullying and psychological distress in women of color, examining attributions to race and gender as moderators.

INDEX WORDS: online discrimination, online victimization, online sexual harassment, cyberbullying, cybervictimization, online sexism

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