Prospectus Presentation-Kathryn McPhee

"Exploring cutural humility in the context of Teacher-Student relationships."

by: Kathryn McPhee

Though cultural humility is emerging as an important quality in helping professionals across many fields of research, it has not yet been explored in the context of primary and secondary education settings. The proposed study (Chapter 2) intends to utilize an adapted measure of cultural humility in a diverse school district in order to better understand the importance of this construct for teachers who instruct students with cultural backgrounds that are different from their own. We will examine student perceptions of their teachers' cultural humility and student perceptions of their relationship with that same teacher. We also intend to determine the relationships of both cultural humility and teacher-student relationship quality with student emotional adjustment. We will control for teacher and student demographic factors that have previously been shown to impact the quality of teacher-student relationships. It is our hypothesis that cultural humility moderates the relationship between students' emotional adjustment and their perception of teacher-student relationship quality. Study findings have potential implications for the field of research related to increasing and understanding culturally-responsive educational practices. Chapter 1 will systematically explore how practitioner cultural humility is increased through professional development in the field of counseling psychology, and compare how these trainings are similar and different to how educators are trained in multicultural competence. This will be used to provide information about potentially effective approaches to professional development for educators designed to enhance their cultural humility.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm

College of Education and Human Development, 923
30 Pryor Street, Atlanta, GA

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