M.S. Project Defense: Srikar Balmuri

Know Your Currency App

Srikar Balmuri
Advisor: Dr. Yanqing Zhang

A significant problem faced by people with visual disabilities is the inability to recognize paper currency due to the similarity of paper texture and size among different denominations. I have created an application that can help people recognize monetary denominations. The app allows a user to issue a command to open the camera. The camera will then photograph a bill and tell the user via speech what the bill's denomination is. This system uses speech-to-text to convert commands issued by the user. Once the bill has been recognized, the system uses text-to-speech to inform the user of the bill's denomination. Android supports converting text into speech and even allows the conversion of text into a variety of languages.

Dr. Yanqing Zhang (chair)
Dr. Ying Zhu

Thursday, April 15 at 11:30am to 12:00pm

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Science & Tech, Graduate Defense


Atlanta Campus


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M.S. project defense

Computer Science
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