25 Park Place, Atlanta, GA

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Date and Time: 04/04/2024, 12:45--14:00

Location: 25 Park Place, Seminar Room 1441

Math and Statistics Club Event: Can You Cut It?

Speaker: Dr. Thai Hoang Le, Department of Mathematics, University of Mississippi

Title: Can You Cut It?

Abstract: Can you cut a given rectangle with straight cuts and reassemble the pieces to get a square? What if the square and rectangle are replaced by other polygons? What happens in three dimensions? In this interactive talk, I will tell you the answers, and convince you why they are so.

Speaker's biography: Dr. Thai Hoang Le is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Originally from Vietnam, Dr. Le earned his undergraduate degree at École Polytechnique in France and his doctorate at the University of California at Los Angeles under direction of Terrence Tao. He received a gold medal in the 40th International Mathematical Olympiad, an event for high school students, in 1999.

Host: Mark Grinshpon (mgrinshpon@gsu.edu)


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