Live Journaling with BeWellGSU

The purpose of the journaling session is to allow a regular safe space for students to pause and express themselves that is supported with resources. 

The benefits of journaling include: 

  • Can help reduce stress​
  • Improve your immune system​
  • Lower anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Help change a negative mindset to a positive one​
  • Helps express and release emotions 

Join us on BeWellGSU Instagram for a live journaling session. Take some time to connect with yourself & journal.

Students can earn Pounce Rewards by recording their attendance on the BeWellGSU Integrated Health PIN page

Journal Prompt for this week will be posted on BeWellGSU Instagram Live 15 minutes before the session.


Dial-In Information

BeWellGSU Instagram 

Thursday, April 22 at 3:30pm to 4:00pm

Virtual Event

Recent Activity

Johnny Gossett

Johnny Gossett left a positive review 3/3/2021

It was great!

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee left a positive review 3/3/2021

The journaling session allowed me to relax and truly express myself

Jessica Jensen

Jessica Jensen left a positive review 3/3/2021

So fun! Jessie seems awesome