In our upcoming webinar, 'Business Opportunities within ASEAN Countries Amid US-China Decoupling,' we will explore how the current tensions between the US and China are reshaping the global business landscape. While a complete decoupling of these economic giants seems unlikely due to their immense size, this shift is opening new doors for emerging markets, particularly in the ASEAN region.

This session will focus on how countries like Vietnam are capitalizing on this shift, attracting industries and investments that were once firmly rooted in China. We'll also examine how Thailand and other ASEAN nations are leveraging these changes to accelerate their economic growth. Join us to discover the growing opportunities in ASEAN countries and understand how your business can benefit in this evolving global context.
1. Identifying New Business Opportunities in ASEAN Countries
2. Impact of US-China Relations on Global Trade
3. Growth Strategies in Emerging Markets

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  • Serenity Yancy

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