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Recurrent events occur in many areas in the medical and public health sciences; in engineering and reliability settings; in actuarial, financial, and economic settings; and in many other fields. For a given subject or experimental unit, there could be competing recurrent events. Furthermore, a longitudinal marker and a health, quality-of-life, or performance status could be monitored. I will present in this talk a class of joint dynamic models for competing recurrent risks processes, a longitudinal marker process, and a health or performance process that could be applicable in these varied settings. Interpretations of model parameters will be presented, and semi-parametric estimators of these parameters will be described. Finite and asymptotic properties of the estimators will be presented. Some potential applications of this class of models in the context of performing personalized medicine or dynamic system-based interventions, as well as the dynamic prediction of the occurrence of terminal events will be indicated. This is joint work with Lili Tong (New York University) and Piaomu Liu (Bentley University).

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