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Grab your lunch, and let's discuss the implicit barriers to actualizing our goal of student success. Our institution is at a crucial point. With an ambitious, new strategic plan and a statewide initiative targeting CORE courses- it is becoming increasingly important to deliver results in our courses. 

What are the unwritten rules and expectations of higher education? In addition to delivering content, our courses often send implicit academic, social, and cultural messages to our students. As a result, an unofficial curriculum develops beneath our “formal” programs of study. For students who lack traditional cultural capital, the “hidden” curriculum can further exacerbate barriers to student success. In this discussion, we will explore course interventions that support student mastery of the “hidden” curriculum in higher education. 

In this hybrid workshop, we will explore the ways in which the “hidden” curriculum shows up in our course design and begin to address our own complicity in perpetuating the dominant cultural norms that often hinder us from fully actualizing the mission of our work as educators. 

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