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M.S. Project Defense: Shivani Bhoite

Extracting Potential Labels From Social Media Data to Improve Results of Zero-Shot Learning Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Embedded Topic...

4/19 10:30am
M.S. Project Defense: Varaprasad Rao Kurra

Sports Data Analytics and Visualization Varaprasad Rao Kurra Advisor: Dr. Ying Zhu Sports data analysis and visualization can be a useful tool for gaining...

4/20 10:30am
M.S. Project Defense: Lalitha Pavani Jandhyala

A Visual Survey of Spatial-Temporal Data Visualization Techniques Lalitha Pavani Jandhyala Advisor: Dr. Ying Zhu I worked on the development of a website...

4/20 2:30pm
M.S. Project Defense: Mohammed Shoebuddin Habeeb

Deep Learning Based Super Resolution of Solar Image Rasters Mohammed Shoebuddin Habeeb Advisor: Dr. Berkay Aydin Image super-resolution is a branch of...

4/20 4pm
M.S. Project Defense: Amrita Biswas

Digital Learning Market – A Dynamic E-Commerce Application Amrita Biswas Advisor: Dr. Xiaojun Cao The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the traditional...

4/21 11am

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