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College of the Arts

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Let's Talk Money-Making Study Abroad Affordable

Let's Talk Money: Learn about how to make study abroad affordable! This presentation will go beyond our Study Abroad 101 sessions to inform students about...

9/30 12pm
Intro to Decolonizing and Antiracist Approaches in the Music Classroom

Presenter: Brandi Waller-Pace and Christopher Mena Georgia State University is pleased to continue our FREE Music Education Seminar series. Please register...

10/14 6pm

Join us for this unique residency with international superstar Jens Lindemann. The residency includes a masterclass and a concert with the Macon Pops...

10/17 1:30pm
Why Does Music Move Us?

Presenter: Psyche Loui Music can draw out strong emotions, tune large crowds, and inspire acts of creativity. In this session, we will explore recent...

11/4 6pm

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