Child Welfare Training Collaborative

Child Welfare Training Collaborative

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Trauma to Resilience: Strategies to Support Children's Well-Being

This course focuses on resilience as a primary strategy for combating the effects of trauma. Participants will examine the characteristics of resilience and...

6/28 9am
child hiding

Trauma 101: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Children This course will provide participants with foundational knowledge about child trauma and child...

7/5 9am
Virtual Recognizing and Managing  Secondary Traumatic Stress

This course is designed to improve your understanding of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) and its impact. Participants will learn how to assess STS symptoms...

7/6 9am
human hands shaped into a heart representing psychological safety

Participants will explore the concept of psychological safety as a pathway to building resilience in children. Participants examine their role in building a...

7/7 9am
diverse people

This course lays a foundation for exploring biases and stereotypes and the importance of moving beyond them when working with clients and colleagues. Through...

7/8 9am

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