Bio-Bus Program Events

October 17 - November 16, 2018

Wednesday, October 17

School Visit to Pinecrest Academy (Forsyth)

Pinecrest Academy (Forsyth) Animal Diversity The Movie Denise Cress 7th grade

Thursday, October 18

School Visit for Genesis Innovation Academy (Fulton)

Genesis Innovation Academy (Fulton) Animal Diversity (classroom) Monica Ballard K-7th Grade / 160

Friday, October 19

Cancelled.........Lithonia Adventist Academy (Dekalb)

Lithonia Adventist Academy (Dekalb) Chemistry: States of Matter Lamoyah McQuennie K-8th grade / 80

School Visit to Locust Grove MS (Henry)

Locust Grove MS (Henry) Heart & Your Health Melinda Foster 7th grade / 150

Saturday, October 20

Jonesboro Library (Clayton)

Jonesboro Library (Clayton) Animal Diversity Kimberly Oliver K-8th grade

Tuesday, October 23

School Visit to Chapel Hill MS (Dekalb)

Chapel Hill MS (Dekalb) The Heart & Your Health Ravonda Hardy 7th grade /100

Wednesday, October 24

School Visit to Dutchtown HS (Henry)

Hot or Cold, Does It Matter? Mr.Ramesh Venukadasula 10th-11th grade / 100

Thursday, October 25

Friday, October 26

School Visit to Towns ES (APS)

DNA is Elementary Day 1& 2 Christina Miller 5th grade / 20

School Visit to Salem MS (Dekalb)

Heart & Your Health Sandra Allen 7th Grade / 60

Saturday, October 27