Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

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Master of Social Work Admissions Webinar

Learn more about the Master of Social Work and Master of Social Work - Advanced Standing programs offered through the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. ...

10/23 10am
Challenging Inequalities: How you can help!

Career Panel: Discover paths where you can influence policy and challenge systemic inequality in the prison system

10/25 2pm
Policy & Pancakes

Join us over breakfast and FREE coffee to discuss topical policy issues

11/2 8am
Professional In Residence

(30 minute) Informational interviews for students to meet one-on-one with professionals in AYS-related fields to network and gain career advice.

11/8 9am
 Andrew Young School Graduate Program Open House

The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies has a different take on policy study. Unlike other schools, we combine economics with public policy, social work...

11/16 5:30pm

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