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 MaDora Frey: Stargaze, Gallery Exhibition Opening Day

MaDora Frey: Stargaze, curated by Welch School Gallery Director Cynthia Farnell, features a series of neon, wood and glass sculptures in which the artist...

"A Facsimile of Events,"Gallery Exhibition Opening Day

A Facsimile of Events, conceived by New York-based curator Jesse. "A Facsimile of Events" draws upon the deep history of human intervention in the landscape...

COL Mindfulness Program

This six-week mindfulness program is intended to introduce law students to the basics of mindfulness meditation and provide exercises that students can...

Virtual Event
Fall Campus Walking Program

Self Directed. For more information, call 678-891-3064. Register now

Hospitality Insights Week!

Tune in to social media for a week-long series reflecting on special Hospitality topics and your own professional journey! Search for @gsuhospitality on the...

Virtual Event
Swim the Beltline

This swim program challenges you to complete the length of the Atlanta beltline (36.3 miles) right here in the SRC pool over the course of the spring...

Initial Deadline to Submit Dissertation for Format Review

Initial Deadline to Submit Dissertation for Format Review https://cas.gsu.edu/academics-admissions/required-milestones/

10/19 12am
Virtual Event
Gallery Show: Winnowing's Daughter

This September the Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center at Perimeter College - Georgia State University will host Martha Whittington's "Winnowing's Daughter"...

Gallery Show:  Phantom Fields

The Perimeter Main Fine Arts Gallery presents Phantom Fields an exhibit of new works by Perimeter College Faculty Artists Allison Parker-Shockley and Angus...

Gallery Show: Dark Houses

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many Atlanta theatres have now been dark for several months. Local photographer Michael Boatright has been focusing on the...